BasicX-01 FAQ
Question:   What do I need to run the BasicX-1 chip without the Development Board?

Once your BasicX-1 chip has been programmed, all it needs to run as a single chip it to connect a 7.3728 MHz crystal and two 22pf caps to pins 18 and 19. You will also need to supply +2.8 - 6.0 volts DC to pin 40 and a ground to pin 20.

Question:   What makes the BasicX-1 chip so fast, because I noticed it only has a 7.37Mhz crystal?
Answer:   Well that's a tough question. The BasicX-1's speed partly due to its RISC core processor and mostly due to its Basic interpreter engine. Our internal engine executes most Basic commands about 10 to 50 times faster than most other competitors chips.
Question:   How much Basic code can I fit in your 32K EEPROM?
Answer:   About 8000 lines of Basic code can be fit into our 32K EEPROM.
Question:   How many I/Os does the BasicX-1 really have?
Answer:   The BasicX-1 has 32 I/Os in it's standard configuration, if you needed to use a external 32K SPI EEPROM that would use 4 I/Os, and RS-485 network chip uses 3 I/Os. If you didn't require these devices you can make full use of all 32 I/Os.
Question:   Do I need to have the serial port on my Development Board connected to my computer in order to download to the BasicX-1 chip?
Answer:   No, All that you need connected is the parallel port. The serial port is just for communicating with your programs that are running within BasicX-1 chip.
Question:   How fast is the BasicX-1?
Answer:   The BasicX-1 can execute 65,000 lines of Basic code per second. By using our cache RAM option it can execute
code at 139,000 lines of Basic code per second.
Question:   Where can I get more of the 32K EEPROMs that come with the BasicX-1 Development System?
Answer:   The ATMEL 25256-10PI-2.7 EEPROM is a newly released product and might be hard for a person to get in small quantities. Due to this we now sell these EEPROMs on our website.
Question:   How many serial ports does the BasicX-1 have?
Answer:   The BasicX-1 has two high speed bi-directional buffered serial ports (up to 460,800 baud for Com1, up to 19,200 baud for Com2)
Question:   Can the BasicX-1 run hobby servos?
Answer:   Yes, we have run as many as 16 servos at the same time using just one BasicX-1 chip.

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