BasicX-01 Development Station
The BasicX-01 Development Station comes with everything you need to get started! Just connect the development kit to your PC, install the software CD and your ready to start creating your own BasicX-01 based products.
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BasicX-01 Development Station Contents:

1 BXDS Development Station board

1 BasicX-01 PDIP Chip (Pre-installed on BXDS board)

1 32K EEPROM (Pre-installed on BXDS board)

1 BasicX-01 Network Chip (Pre-installed on BXDS board)

1 BasicX CD (Contains programming software, user manuals and example programs)

16 multicolored jumper wires

1 9v DC wall transformer (120v 60Hz)
1 Parallel & 1 Serial connection cable
BasicX-01 development software is not compatible with Windows 2000