BasicX-1 Specifications
I/O Lines 32 (28 when using external SPI EEPROM)

EEPROM for program and data

512 bytes internal and 32 KB external using our 8 pin SPI EEPROM
RAM 256 bytes internal and 64 KB external using our RamSandwich
Cache 64 KB external using our RamSandwich
Max Program Length About 8000 lines of code using the 32 KB SPI
Program Execution Speed 65,000 lines of code per second
139,000 lines of code per second with cache RAM option enabled
Serial I/O Speed 300 baud to 460.8 Kbaud
RS-485 Network Speed 9600 baud to 460.8 Kbaud
Operating Voltage Min/Max 2.8 VDC to 6.0 VDC
Current Requirements 3.5 mA plus I/O loads, if any
I/O Output Source Current 10 mA @ 5 V (I/O pin driven high)
I/O Output Sink Current 20 mA @ 5 V (I/O pin pulled low)
Combined Maximum Current Load Allowed Across All I/Os 80 mA sink or source
I/O Internal Pull-up Resisters 120 k-Ohm maximum
Floating Point Math Yes
On Chip Multitasking Yes
Built In SPI Interface Yes
PC Programming Interface Parallel port
Available Packages PDIP, PLCC, TQFP

Environmental Specifications
Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating temperature: 0 C to +70 C
Storage temperature: -65 C to +150 C
Package Types
40 Pin PDIP (Standard)
44 Pin PLCC
44 Pin TQFP
(100 unit Minimum Order)
40 Pin PDIP
44 Pin PLCC
44 Pin TQFP
PDIP Pin Definitions
PLCC Pin Definitions
TQFP Pin Definitions