BX-24/BX-01 Comparison
BX-24 TM
BX-01 TM
I/O Lines 16+ 32
EEPROM (Progam storage) 32KBytes 512Bytes or 32K With Ext.SPI EEPROM
RAM 400 Bytes 256 Bytes
RAM Expansion Option No Yes (RamSandwich option adds 64K of user RAM)
Program Execution Speed 65,000 Instructions/sec. 65,000 Instructions/sec.
Max. Program Length 8000+ instructions

8000+ instructions
Using Ext. EEPROM

Analog Inputs 8 (10 Bit ADCs) No
RS-485 Network Support No Yes
Multitasking OS Yes Yes
Floating Point Math Yes Yes
PC Programming Interface Parallel and Serial Parallel Only
Serial I/O Yes Yes
Serial Out any Pin Yes No
On-Chip LEDs 2 (1 Red & 1 Green) No
SPI Interface Yes Yes
External components needed for operation No Yes
(1 Crystal and 2 Caps)
On-Chip Regulator and low voltage reset Yes No
Package 24-pin DIP module 40-pin PDIP module

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