BasicX-24 Application Notes
BasicX-24 Application Notes
Unsorted BasicX App Notes & Examples
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Adding a Timeout to InputCapture
Deriving Acceleration data from a GPS
Using block data objects with PlaySound
Using the Serial 2x16 LCD with BX-24
Input Multiplexing with the BX-24
Using a 74HCT259 Latch with the BX-24
Reading a Garmin GPS with the BX-24
Using the Sharp GP2D12 Infrared Ranger
Sharp GP2Y0A02YK Long Range Version
Reading buttons and switches
Using Polaroid ultrasonic rangefinders
Reading a 4 x 4 matrix keypad
Measuring resistance with ADC
Measuring resistance with RCtime
Controlling hobby servos
Measuring acceleration with ADXL202
Reading IR remote controls
Reading IR using serial input
Low power operation using CPUsleep
Programming Timer1 for edge capture
Programming Timer1 as a stopwatch
Dual PWM in background using Timer1
The BX-24 6 Day 8 channel data logger
Controlling the Servo8T with BX-24

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