BasicX-24 Comparisons
BasicX-24 TM
BASIC Stamp2
I/O Lines 16+ 16 16
EEPROM 32KBytes 2KBytes 16K Bank Switched
RAM 400 Bytes 32 Bytes 96 Bytes
Program Execution Speed 83,000 Instructions/sec. 4000 Instructions/sec. 10,000 Instructions/sec.
Max. Program Length 8000+ instructions ~500 instructions ~500 instructions
Per 2K Bank
Analog Inputs 8 (10 Bit ADCs) No No
Multitasking OS Yes No No
Floating Point
Yes No No
PC Programming Interface Serial Serial Serial
Serial I/O Yes Yes Yes
On-Chip LEDs 2 (Red & Green) No No
SPI Interface Yes No No
On-Chip Regulator and low voltage reset Yes Yes Yes
Package 24-pin DIP module 24-pin DIP module 24-pin DIP module

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