BX24P-U (RoHS)
Attention all Stamp users!
Turbo charge your Stamp project with BasicX!

BasicX-24p is a Pin-For-Pin drop-in replacement for all 24-pin Stamps. Check our comparison chart and see what a difference upgrading to the BasicX-24p will make!

BasicX-24p is the World's most powerful BASIC programmable microcontroller. It's all-in-one design provides a power-packed module capable of fitting in the smallest of applications. The BX-24s powerful feature set and low cost make it the perfect choice for any application or project. Check out our Command Set.

The original BX-24 has been replaced by the faster BX24p-u industrial (RoHS) version. Please see change log for more details and errata.

$49.95 Qty 1
Industrial Module (RoHS)
Speed 83,000 Basic instructions per second
EEPROM 32K bytes (User program and data storage)
Max program length 8000+ lines of Basic code
RAM 400 bytes
Available I/O pins 21 (16 standard + 2 serial only + 3 accessed outside standard dip pin area)
Analog Inputs (ADCs) 8 (8 of the 16 standard I/O pins can individually function as 10bit ADCs or standard digital I/Os or a mixture of both)
Serial I/O speed 1200 - 460.8K Baud
Floating point math 32bit x 32bit floating point math built-in
Programming interface High speed Serial
Physical Package 24 pin DIP module
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