The BX-24 is a single chip Basic-programmable Microcontroller that has all the features you've been looking for!

Onboard features include:

8 independent 10-bit Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs),
(Note: ADC pins also function as standard TTL I/Os)
16 total I/O lines (8 TTL plus 8 ADCs and/or TTL)
Pin-for-pin compatible with the BS2 and BS2SX

1200 to 19200 Baud buffered serial in or out any I/O pin
1 buffered high speed serial port (2400 Baud to 460.8 KBaud)
SPI interface

400 bytes of RAM
32 KB EEPROM for user program storage
Parallel or serial downloadable

On-chip voltage regulator
2 user controllable on-chip surface mount LEDs, red/green
System clock/calendar

Full IEEE floating point math
Plus much, much more!

Price: $49.95 (quantity 1)

Now with just one chip you can build a multitude of complex devices like temperature data loggers, analog joystick interfaces, real time weather stations, data terminals, virtual reality gear or smart car systems. With the power of a BX-24 at your disposal the sky's the limit!

BasicX-24 Chip

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