BasicX-24 Specifications
I/O Lines 21 total. 8 digital and 8 10 Bit ADCs/digital I/Os
(16 standard i/o + 2 serial only + 3 i/o lines ouside chip footprint)

EEPROM for program and data storage

On board 32 KB SPI EEPROM
Largest executable user program size = 32K
RAM 400 bytes
Analog To Digital Converter Port A consists of 8 10Bit ADCs that can also be used as regular TTL level I/Os or a mixture of both
ADC Sample Rate 6000 samples per second maximum
On Chip LEDs The BX-24 contains one 2 color surface mount LED (Red/Green) that is fully user user programmable. (Not counted as an I/O line)
Program Execution Speed 83,000 lines of code per second
Based on our speedtest.bas file
Serial I/O Speed

2400 to 460.8 Kbaud on Com1
300 to 19,200 baud on any I/O pin using Com3

Operating Voltage Min/Max 5.0 VDC to 12.0 VDC
Current Requirements 20 mA plus I/O loads, if any
I/O Output Source Current 3 mA @ 5 V (I/O pin driven high)
I/O Output Sink Current 20 mA @ 5 V (I/O pin pulled low)
Combined Maximum Current Load Allowed Across All I/Os 40 mA sink or source
I/O Internal Pull-up Resisters 120 k-Ohm maximum
Floating Point Math Yes
On Chip Multitasking Yes
On Chip Time Clock Yes
Built In SPI Interface Yes
PC Programming Interface Parallel or Serial Down-loadable
Package Type 24 Pin PDIP carrier board

Environmental Specifications
Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C
Storage temperature: -65 C to +150 C

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