Change Log
BasicX-24 Versions Changes
The BX-24p has been replace by the new RoHS compliant BX-24p-u. The -u is 100% hardware and software compatible with BX-24p and features the following Improvements/Changes:
Current Version: BX-24p-u
Changed to comply with RoHS requirements
On-Board voltage regulator upgraded to 0.5%
Added voltage good signal from regulator to b1
Changed PCB board color from black to blue
Swapped on-chip RED and Greeen LED positions
BasicX-24p-u Errata:


Speed = 65,000 BIPS* Speed = 82,000 BIPS*
Operation Temp range 0 - 70°C Operation Temp range -40 - 85 °C
4 Mhz 32K EEPROM 20 Mhz 32K EEPROM
6-12v unregulated input 5-24v unregulated input**
4.8 - 5.5v Regulated input 3-5.5v Regulated input
Download Atn pin tied to PB1 Download Atn pin tied to Reset
5 mA serial inverter buffer 20 mA serial inverter buffer
AVCC filter: In-line 100 ohm resistor with .1uf cap to ground AREF/AVCC filter: In-line 100NH inductor with .1uf cap to ground.
* Basic Instruction Per Second. Speed based on instruction A = A + 1
** Max input voltage based on I/O pin loads. Regulator output 5v +/- 5%
BasicX-24p Errata:
1. The current run of BX-24p chips has their surface mount LEDs switched. I.e. Green is now Red and Red is Green. This will be corrected in the next batch of chips
2. The BX-24p does not work with the Large Green BasicX Development Station. The board will need to be modified to remove resistors strapping the atn and reset lines. More information to follow.
3. Any strapping or loading of the Atn (pin 3) or Reset (pin 22) pins may interfere with or prevent downloads. Remove any strapping resistors or loads from these pins to correct the problem.

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