BasicX Development Station Board
The BasicX Development Station Board is an All-In-One experimentation development board designed for use with all current BasicX and select Stamp brand microcontrollers. Unlike standard development boards the BasicX Development Station's onboard features are interfaced using jumper-wires thereby allowing the user total control over the microcontrollers I/O pin assignments and usage.
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BasicX Development Station Contents:

1 BXDS Development Station board

1 BasicX-01 Network Chip (Pre-installed on BXDS board)

16 multicolored jumper wires

1 9v DC wall transformer (120v 60Hz)
Basic-X Development Station Board Features:
8 User Controllable LEDs
4 User Definable Buttons
X-10 Transmit/Receive interface
4 Channel Servo Interface
RS-485 Interface
Light Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Amplified Speaker Output
DAC Output
Piezo Speaker
Serial Interface
Large Prototyping Area
All Feature I/O Connections are made via supplied Jumper Wires
Basic-X Development Station Board Compatibility:

The BasicX Development Station works with BasicX-35, BasicX-24, BasicX-01, Stamp 2, Stamp 2SX and Stamp 2EX processors.

More Basic-X Development Station Board Information:
BXDS Manual Zipped Word format
BXDS Manual PDF format

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