Serial LCD+2
Serial LCD+2
LCD+ Rev 2 features improved electronics and firmware as well as a built-in DB-9 serial connector, power connector and updated I/O connector layout. And for you existing LCD+ users don't worry, the LCD+2 is identical in size, shape and backwards compatible with your current LCD+ code and hardware.
LCD+2 Display
The Serial LCD+2 is a Backlit 4 x 20 Serial LCD display with so many unique features the application possibilities are endless. From Alarm systems, Access control, Status display, MPEG3 display/controller, Employee Time Clock, Irrigation control, environmental control, Robotics and so much more!!!
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LCD+2 Development Kit
Development kit contains everything you need to start developing with LCD+2. Kit includes; 1 LCD+2 Display, 16 key keypad and interconnect cables, LCD mounting bezel, download cable, wall transformer and screw terminal connectors for connecting IO and ADCs.
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Serial LCD+2 Quick Specs:
High quality 4 x 20 Backlit Super Twist LCD Display
8 10-Bit Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs)
8 High Current Relay Driver Outputs (500mA Each)
4 x 4 Matrix Keypad Interface
256 Backlight and contrast levels
Frequency definable Buzzer
8 User Definable Characters
2400 - 57,600 Baud Data rate
Built-in Voltage Regulator allows 5 - 15 Volt operation
More LCD+2 Information:
LCD+2 Users Guide

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