All-In-One LCD Display and BasicX CPU
LCDX Display Module

What do you get when you combine our BasicX-35 with a 4x20 backlit LCD? You get a great product, right? What if we toss in 8 ADCs with hardware configurable input scaling, a 4x4 matrix keypad input, an 8 channel relay driver, SPI interface, on-board speaker/buzzer, built-in DB-9 serial port and power jack? You get the LCDX!

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LCDX Development Kit
Development kit contains everything you need to start developing with LCDX. Kit includes; 1 LCDX module, 16 key keypad and interconnect cables, LCD mounting bezel, CD with programming software and example programs, download cable, wall transformer and screw terminal connectors for connecting IO and ADCs.
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LCDX Quick Specs:
LCD 4x20 High contrast backlit display
Speed 65,000 Basic instructions per second
EEPROM 32K bytes (User program and data storage)
Max program length 8000+ lines of Basic code
RAM 400 bytes
Available I/O pins 14 + 8 CH Relay Driver, 1 Bi-Directional Serial Port, 1 Buzzer and 4 Dedicated TTL inputs
Analog Inputs (ADCs) 8 Each ADC pin can function as both a 10bit ADC or a standard digital I/O pin. Six of these ADCs feature hardware configurable input scaling for 0-5v, 0-10v, 0-10KOhm and 0-20mA inputs.
Serial I/O speed 1200 - 460.8K Baud
Programming interface High speed Serial
Physical Package Custom LCD form factor see dimensions below
More LCDX Information:
LCDX Hardware Manual LCDX Demo Program1 And Library
LCDX Software Manual LCDX Demo Program2 And Library

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