Robodyssey Mouse
The Robodyssey Mouse is a robust and versatile wheeled robotics platform
developed for educators, hobbyists, and professionals. Originally developed for
the classroom, the all-aluminum construction provides a lightweight yet durable robot that will last for years to come. The Mouse Basic Kit comes with everything you need to get started, even a Sharp range sensor.
Without BX-24p MOUSE-NP
$199.95 Qty 1
Includes BX-24p MOUSE-24
$249.95 Qty 1
Best Deal! Includes BX-24p + BasicX And Robotics Book MOUSE-EK
$279.95 Qty 1
Mouse Basic Quick Specs:
Processor BasicX-24p or other 24 pin compatible processor
Drive System 2 ball bearing servos motors
Sensors 1 IR Sharp distance sensor
Chassis Construction Anodized Aluminum
Wheels High Traction Urethane with aluminum hubs
Power System Onboard 1Amp +5 voltage regulator
Power Source 6 AA batteries
I/O Expansion Yes
More Mouse Information:
Assembly Manual Programming Guide
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