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BX24 BasicX-24
BX35  BasicX-35 BX01 BasicX-01
BX-24 is our most popular chip and is recommended for all beginners.

BX-35 is the processor only version of the BX-24 and is for OEMs or those requiring more I/O.

BX-01 is a low cost solution when large I/O tasks or large ammounts of RAM are a requirement.
BasicX-24 Chip  BasicX-35 Chip BasicX-01 Chip 
BasicX-24 Development Kit  BasicX-35 Development Station BasicX-01 Development Station  
BasicX-24 Development Kit Board BasicX Development Station Board BasicX Development Station Board
BasicX-24 Development Station  Extra BSDS Jumper Wires (Very Handy!) BasicX-01 RamSandwich 
BasicX Development Station Board BasicX-01/BasicX-35 Component Kits BasicX-01 LCD (RamSandwich Required)
Extra Jumper Wires (Very Handy!) BasicX Software CD BasicX-01/BasicX-35 Component Kits
BasicX Software CD   BasicX Software CD
LCD Displays
Serial 2x20 LCD Display
Serial 4x20 LCD Displays
 LCDX 4x20 All-In-One BX Micro
Serial 1x16 LCD Displays
Serial 2x16 LCD Displays
Serial LCD PLUS2
Robots, Books & Accessories
BasicX and Robotics Book
Robodyssey Mouse
Ultrasonic Range Finder
Super Servo Controller
High Torque Servo Motor
Servo Ready Robot Wheels
USB Serial Adapter
Jumper Wire Sets
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