Super Servo Controller
Unlike standard servo controllers the Servo 8T also provides live torque/load information for each attached servo. Torque information can be used to ascertain a wide variety of information about the connected servos.
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Servo 8T Quick Specs:

Controls 8 standard hobby servos with 255 step resolution.

8 independently readable 16-bit servo torque values
(No servo modifications are needed!)

Standard serial interface. The Servo 8T can be controlled via a PC serial port or any microcontroller with serial output capabilities.
Standard 90 degree or 180 degree rotation selection.
8 independently definable servo home positions.
Onboard daisy chain connector allows up to 8 boards (64 servos total) to be connected to a single serial port.
ServoGUI control software included (Source code available with purchase)
More Servo 8T Information:
Users Manual .PDF   Users Manual .Doc