BasicX Customer Applications
SoloTrek XFV Flying Vehicle

Millennium Jet's new SoloTrek XFV is a brand new kind of flying machine that you step on, strap on, and fly.

Recent tethered tests were controlled by three BX-24 microcontrollers -- one reads data from a 3-axis control stick and gyroscope, a second BX-24 controlled flight control actuators, and a third provided throttle control.
Millennium Jet, Inc.

OASES ROV Retrofit

OASES used both BasicX-24 and SitePlayer to upgrade the control system in their ROV. Operator control commands are sent via Ethernet down to a SitePlayer module in the ROV. The SitePlayer converts the Ethernet commands into RS232 which feeds multiple BasicX-24s. BasicX-24s control the ROV's thrusters, pan/tilt camera, and lighting. A BasicX-24 also collects data from a pressure sensor, water leak detector, digital compass, accelerometers, and other scientific sensors. This data is sent back to the surface through the SitePlayer module.

Cuesta College Cube Sat
Students of Cuesta College are undertaking an ambitious project to design, construct, test, and operate a small earth orbiting satellite. Controlled by a single BasicX-24, Cube Sat is currently undergoing testing and is scheduled to be put into orbit sometime in May 2002.
Cuesta Cube Sat Website
The S.O.R.A.C. Project

The S.O.R.A.C (Sub-Orbital Rocket Amateur Class) project consists of a group of engineers and scientists. Their ultimate goal is to put a privately built amateur rocket into low earth orbit and return it safely to earth. BasicX-01 and BasicX-24 are used as the main flight system on many of their ever changing arsenal of experimental rocket test vehicles.
S.O.R.A.C. Website


MicroSeeker is a small autonomous underwater vehicle or AUV. The BasicX-24 powered MicroSeeker
contains a 2-axis accelerometer, pressure sensor, compass, temperature sensor and 2 motor controllers.
MicroSeeker WebSite

By Hylands Underwater Vehicles
Night Writer
"Night Writer" is an R/C helicopter rotor blade display. Using the BX-24 and 8 LEDs, Night Writer displays time, rotor RPM, text message's and graphics.
By Richard Friedrich