Technical Support
NetMedia, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with superior quality technical support. For technical assistance, please carefully review the support options listed below.
BasicX Example Code and related files page
BasicX List Server Support
Have a BasicX question? Need some quick BasicX pointers? One of the best ways to find answers to your questions is to speak with other BasicX users. The BasicX list server is a Free discussion/help group hosted by NetMedia and Not only can you communicate with other BasicX users but as a list member you will have access to the forums BasicX example code download/upload area. To join simply subscribe via your e-mail address (using the "subscribe" box, below), and you'll have access to BasicX users from beginner to the expert.
To join the BasicX discussion list use the "subscribe" box below. When you join, be prepared to receive anywhere from 5 - 60 messages per day (you may also receive a "digested" version, or choose to read it on the web). This mailing list is the quickest way to get answers to your BasicX technical questions.
Subscribe to the BasicX List
You can Unsubscribe from the BasicX List at any time by sending a blank e-mail message to:
Message must be sent from the e-mail address you subscribed with.
Email Support
Please use our Form to send your technical support or sales requests. Please keep in mind, e-mail response times will very depending on current request loads. To help expedite your technical support or sales requests, please select "Technical Support" or "Sales" from the dropdown menu in our Form.